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Delta Force 2 Squad and Resource

Df2 Resources
Court Yard
Df2 Resources

!!!This is the Skycrew DF2 resource page!!!

Everyone please give thanks to for these downloads. Without them i could not have these listed here because my 56k is way to slow to upload all these files. Please give them a visit and check out there forums they are really good people and always working on new tools for df2.

DF2 Host Editor

This allows you to edit your game appearances.

DF2 3d Terrain Veiwer

This allows you to see a 3d model of any df2 terrain file.

DF2 Med Modded

This is a modded med that allows you to use all items previosely locked in stock med.

Unlocked Med

This med is a fully customized editor with all lacked items and options.

Complete Z Values Chart

A list of appropriate z values for df2.


One handy tool for df2. Allows you to pick fog color in rbg mode and then it gives you the code.

DF2 Sky Veiwer

Another usefull tool for map making. This allows you to look at the sky before you choose the one you want in the map.

DF2 Max resoulution

This allows you to choose a higher resoulution that 800x600.
Note: If your computer is under a 2.0 mhz dont bother. Also you need a good video card to run this. Andon a smaller note ram never hurts.

Delta Force2 C4 Med

An editor for advanced map makers. This has a wireframe view and is better for making more complex structures. Verry good if you can use it the way it was ment.

DF2 Map Manager

Stay in controll of your map cycle.

Tree Generator

Generates trees in the med editor and makes maps look more detailed.

Win RaR

Needed to run some programs. Free download like winzip.

Customize DF2