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Sad But True

Court Yard
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I put this page here for the intention to draw attention to this bullshit war bush has brought on humans. I only wish that someone could put him in his place. If your against the war read on otherwise go home!

Everynight i go to bed and wonder what its like over there. Here in the good ole usa we hear its were killing them and winning. Yet look to another station or far into the web and there gaining ground every day. This war that you keep sending our people to fight for freedom looks unholy to me. If youl look and watch its like a david versus goliath match, And david keeps gaining more and more ground. Sooner or later someones gona get the stiff end, and yet where do we stand? I want all you fellow americans to take a look around you and even out your front door. There over here to its just a matter of time. All of you that say where giving the iraqis freedom. I have this to say to you, Its gona be real funny when you slip up and we got 15 dirty bombs in 8 major citys. Then not only that you got syria, iran, and north korea that are just waiting for the moment we got a black eye, Cuz that my friend will be when they deside its time to finish the problem that got out of control way to long ago. After all lets all remember that our ancestors came and took this land from another human the brother indian. Bush should shove this bullshit war and take money from somewhere besides social security. And what the hell is with all these laws on herbs that grow from the ground? Since when could another human be able to tell me what i can injest into my body. If im not harming another individual whats wrong with natural substances?

When will it end? Bring our boys home.