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Delta Force 2 Squad and Resource


Court Yard
Df2 Resources

We have the rules and obligations of the skycrew community listed here...

1. Of course and has always been from the start no cheating.
2. Always be willing to help your fellow skycrew brothers in a sticky situation.
3. No matter who it is or where they are always expose any cheater/glitcher.
4. If any ladys or children are playing be respectfull and hold your cursing if you can.
5. Never be unfair and never humiliate a fair player exeptions include shit talkers, lamers, hackers, page stackers, and of course the punks we all know who they are.
6. I know we all hate it but be nice to the newbies if there easy going and dont talk trash.
7. Keep your head down if you want to keep it.
8. We have father figures in delta force such as crossfire and newblood. they may not be the best but they deserve the upmost respect from everyone since they are like the veterans of this game.
9. Sexual harrasment will not be tollerated what so ever.
10. No hacking if your caught hacking a fellow member or player you will be eliminated from the squad and deltaforce until you buy a new pc. This does not mean you cant hack cheaters just be carefull not to hack any fair players we have.
11. Read these rules and follow them if you want to keep your spot in skycrew.
12. Mess with one Skycrew member and deal with the whole damn family. Make the first move.

Mess with the best Die like the rest!